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A Brief History of CB in the United Kingdom

The twist in the tale was that these 'american' cb's were still illegal unless modified to use the new frequencies, and a £15 fee was payable at the post office for the privilege.

Also, whilst CB was eventually legalised on a 27 MHz band this was  not the same band that was used in the USA. America used a band occupying the range 26.965 to 27.405 MHz, the new UK system was to operate on 27.60125 to 27.99125 MHz. The new CB's also used frequency modulation FM.

Despite these problems, and the extra expense in buying new equipment, the CB craze really took off and many enthusiast clubs starting springing up in towns and cities all over the country. In fact, during it's peak, channels became so full of CB'ers that it became a problem to use effectively and that contributed to it's eventual decline in popularity. Much like 'spammers' are a nuisance today, filling your email inbox with junk, you also had CB abusers who would play music on a calling channel or continuously press their microphone button blocking other users.

Of course, some users weren't satisfied with the low power transmissions and used 'burners' to boost their signals which wiped out many of the broadcasts possible by the average user, plus of course the use of bad language increased to a point where many sensible users simply lost interest. These problems hadn't been such an issue when CB was illegal, maybe because it's use was tried to be kept low key because you wouldn't want a visit from plod to confiscate your equipment - but now that anybody and everybody could get their hands on one it was inevitable it would start to get misused.

Whilst still popular today, the boom time eventually ran it's course, especially when mobile phones became cheaper and as new phone masts got put up so more CB aerials disappeared from back gardens.

Citizen Band Radio still retains its users though, and as always it's the truckers who lead the way. In fact, recent statistics say it's back on the rise, though will never replicate the frenzy of the early 1980's.


CB radio or to give it it's full name Citizen Band Radio was first 'legally' introduced in the United Kingdom in 1981, but was used 'illegally' for many years before then.

Initially a licence fee was charged but was deregulated by OFCOM in 2006 and no licence to use a CB is now required. CB's operate on 40 channels within the 27MHZ airwaves band.

Early CB radios were imported from America in the 1970's and used different frequency bands. Popularised by films of the time such as Convoy and Smokey and the Bandit, they proved hugely popular and were legal to own but illegal to actually use. They were finally legalised for use on 2nd November 1981 in the United Kingdom

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There are still many CB manufacturers around and some fantastic equipment available for the true enthusiast.


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During it's peak of popularity there were CB's for sale in many motorist stores and dedicated CB shops in most towns throughout the UK. You'll have to buy the more elaborate kit from specialised dealers nowadays, but Maplin do stock a fairly decent selection of entry level CB's that you can buy online, plus they also have a good selection of CB accessories.


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